MSIM is a light-weight computer simulator based on MIPS R4000 and RISC-V. It is used for education and research purposes, mainly to teach the construction and implementation of operating systems. Following features are available:

  • MIPS R4000 CPU

    • full memory management (TLB)

    • multiprocessor support

    • the instruction set is restricted to 32 bits

    • CPU cache is not simulated


    • A extension

    • M extension

    • Supervisor and User modes

    • multiprocessor support

    • cache is not simulated

    • Sv32 virtual address translation with TLB simulation

  • simple debugging features (including disassembling, register content dump)

  • several simple hardware devices

  • various hardware-manipulating commands

  • widely configurable memory mapping of devices

  • script-like start-up configuration file

MSIM is distributed with source code under the GNU GPL license to make possible modifications for users and works on most POSIX-compliance environments (mainly GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, but can be also compiled in Cygwin or MinGW in Windows). See installation instructions.

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